Bespoke luxury journeys to Oman's hidden corners
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what we do

Oman discovered

Oman offers a wilderness of star studded skies, vast deserts, rugged mountains, ancient villages and long empty beaches, against blue seas.  A last bastion of old Arabia, with a rich, traditional heritage and a magnificent natural environment.

We specialise in creating bespoke and unique adventures, to the most remote and beautiful places in Oman. Focused journeys that reveal an Oman that few get to see. With 15 years of in-country experience, we have a breadth and wealth of knowledge, that uniquely places us.

Our bespoke journeys are created using our unrivalled network of experts and fixers, ensuring that our clients have a truly memorable experience. All our client's journeys are unique and planned carefully over time. However, the thread to all our journeys are the wonderful camps we offer, in spellbinding locations - on wild beaches, amongst towering dunes in the desert and on high mountain plateaus. 

For those clients with more specialised interests, we work with some of Oman's most respected historians, archaeologists, astronomers, anthropologists, geologists and wildlife experts.  While for those seeking a more active adventure, we have trekked, climbed and canyoned Oman's mountains and wadis, quad-biked, snorkelled, dived and sailed all over Oman.