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Arabian Humpback Whale Conservation expedition

Set on the dramatic, wild and beautiful Dhofar coast, this trip is a purpose-led expedition, which will provide essential support to critical conservation research, required to protect one of the rarest whales in the world - the small and endangered population of Arabian Humpback whales, which lives off Oman’s coast. This is a real opportunity to work alongside Rob Baldwin, (the marine biologist, responsible for discovering this unique species), to become a valuable part of his team and to have a truly rewarding and memorable experience.  February-April is the best time of year to study the Arabian humpbacks and this is when we will launch a 5 day expedition with Rob and his team. The Indian Ocean here in southern Oman, is rich in marine life.  As well as the humpbacks we would be likely to encounter Sperm, Cuvier's Beake, Blue, Killer and Bryde’s whales, dolphins, green and leatherback turtles. Rob and his team are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge and this makes for a highly memorable and exciting expedition. We'll base ourselves in a very comfortable beach camp and travel out each day in a well-equipped survey boat to find whales.  The backdrop to the ocean here is the Samhan Mountains, Oman’s most pristine wilderness reserve, uninhabited and home to the last Arabian leopards. Whilst whales are the focus of this expedition, we are well positioned to also explore the coastline on foot, snorkel with the team, explore the beautiful wadis or hike with camels though the Samhan Mountains. 

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Sean Nelson