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Unique Expeditions 2018/19

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Camel Trek Exploring Ancient Frankincense Wadi trails

A fantastic 5 day trek with camels and members of the al Mahrah tribe. Following ancient frankincense trading routes, the trek begins on the beautiful Dhofar coast, moving inland through the magnificent, steep-sided wadis of the Samhan mountains. This route along the wadi bed is little visited today, except by local tribes. In addition, to the astounding geology and rich wildlife of the Samhan mountains, the route passes fascinating, ancient frankincense stores and palm tree fringed pools.

This bespoke trekking expedition can begin and end with a comfortable, “ expedition camp”, on request. However, the aim is to travel lightly on the actual trek, with camels to carry food/water and enough camping kit.  'Swag bags' under the stars and food cooked on a fire. Dates for this expedition are flexible, 4-8 people works very well.  Conditions are perfect from October through to next April. 

Prices from $500 per person, per night (based on 8 people).

Sean Nelson